Selling Online Retail Corporation Bonds

The Mudrakor investment market partners with the Astra Group subsidiary, PT Federal International Finance, to develop a corporate bond sales marketplace for retail segments online. This marketplace is called the first in Indonesia.

Corporate bonds online

Corporate bonds online

Mudrakor CEO Hunkari Darma said this was part of the company’s efforts to expand public access to investment. Mudrakor sees considerable potential for selling retail corporate bonds online. This is by seeing the enthusiasm of the people in buying retail retail bonds online (e-SBN).

At present, there are more than 17 thousand customers registered in Mudrakor to purchase retail Government Securities (SUN) and Retail Sukuk. This amount was achieved only within one year after Mudrakor was appointed by the Ministry of Finance as an online distribution partner. The total funds invested reached more than Rp 230 billion.

“This number continues to grow rapidly. This is a very good and important trend for the Indonesian financial industry, “Karaniya was quoted as saying by a press release, Tuesday (28/5).

Community interest is also reflected in the data from the Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management at the Ministry of Finance. Investors who bought the SBR003 series Savings Bond Retail (SBR) online reached 7,642 individuals. This amount is up 16.5% compared to SBR002 sales. This trend of growth continued until the sale of SBR004, which was bought by 21,672 individual investors online.

The majority of investors who buy SBRs online are under 40 years old. In fact, when SBR was only sold offline, 77.5% of buyers were investors over the age of 40 years. Karaniya is also optimistic that the retail corporate bond marketplace will be in demand. Moreover, the potential for good bond yields.

At present, Mudrakor sells more than 212 mutual fund products from 43 investment managers and has 510 thousand customers. The total funds invested reached more than Rp. 2.6 trillion. The total assets under management, aka asset under management ( AUM ) Mudrakor, exceeded Rp1.1 trillion.

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Jerry Fandy, Vice President of Corporate Finance and Treasury FIF Group, agreed that retail corporate bonds are very potential and have not been touched by many business actors. “Education and easy access are two main keys, because of that we are working with Mudrakor so that it can touch more retail investors in Indonesia,” he said.